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Rules are needed for drone use by police

Well, didn't the FAA already regulate on what type of drones that can be flown in the skies of USA? Or that law only pertaining to civilian and not law enforcement official since they have to get it from the FBI?

One thing for sure, the technology is here and it's cheap. Everyone can afford one. Heck, even the gun store sell a police grade


Our opinion: Updating wiretapping laws is long overdue

Of course. But the question is whether the law enforcement agency needs to wiretap people unknowingly without the court order is the biggest problem.

One thing for sure, if the people respect privacy, then there won't be any need to wiretap someone even an organized crime. Since that was the case, there are always people that got the crumb

Surveillance: Bose headphones spy on listeners: lawsuit

Holy craps! I have a bose speaker and not headphones. I wonder if it does the same thing by integrating their chip with the apps to monitor my activities.

I admit (sarcasm) that their product is great. I still have the old THX system from way back in the 90's that still work perfect up to this


Privacy: Comey warns there is no longer 'absolute privacy' in US

Isn't that great? This statement is officially comes from the highest ranking investigator on the planet, the director of the FBI.

So, in other words, he admitted that the US government is conducting surveillance and spying operation on every one on the planet. Not only in the US since the FBI and other three letter US agencies has a mighty


Hackers: Hacking of Facebook pages possible, but not probable, experts say

If they launch and investigation with FB helps, then it may clear their name. But the statement must come from FB and not from them since FB is the one that doing investigation.

Moreover, I'm pretty sure that politician uses more than one social media account. They should check other soc-med account in case it also have been

Hackers: How hackers turned a Cape Cod fishing guide's site into a host for e-commerce fraud

Interesting, but I want to know more about how the hacker(s) use this site for e-commerce fraud.

The step by step instruction is quite helpful since most people just want to plug and play and be done with it. Sometimes when we overlook things, hacker could find the weakness in the tightest spot and take advantage of it. Good post

Boston Police Department Ends Plan To Monitor the Darknet and Social Media

The issue is not the software but the privacy of the user that being encroached by the Boston PD. Who knows that they might get such software through the backdoor. After all, who can stop these people anyway.

Even if they can, the long term contract to update the system is the one that cost more taxpayers money since software must be kept

Boston police should be blocked from buying new surveillance tools

1.4 million bucks software to monitor social media in Boston area for Muslim immigrants? What a bunch of joke?

What's next! That software can also be used for others monitoring type to other resident of Boston. Surveillance tagging can be broadened with just a touch of a


Hackers of the Caribbean: Alleged cyber activist arrested after Disney Cruise rescues his boat

Although I do not condone his behavior by hacking the Boston's Children Hospital back in 2014 and caused the hospital computer system to shutdown for some days, but Justina Pelletier case was brought up to the public due to his hack.

I think Justine Pelletier case was a tragedy. But on the other hand, the hospital should not make judgment


Hack-proof RFID chips

Researchers at MIT and Texas Instruments have developed a new type of radio frequency identification (RFID) chip that is virtually impossible to hack. If such chips were widely adopted, it could mean that an identity thief couldn't steal your credit card number or key card information by sitting next to you at a café, and high-tech


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