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Pat Utomi: 'Buhari's govt lacks budget discipline' Economic expert says

Of course, this is very obvious to the fact that they spend money unnecessarily and wastefully. Getting things on track should be the move at this age of the nation.

The bug question is who are those who claimed to be economic expert, why couldn't they forecast a better future than one riddled with corruption and

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Buhari Launches Economic Recovery Plan Today

This is a good move to tackle the some of the problems facing the Nigerian economy.

The moves centred on many key areas that needs to be taken care of, so that the economy van recover quickly from recession.
He should employ experts in the fields or related

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UBA: Uzoka glitters with first term report

Of course he will gleam even more after helping the bank to achieve more customers and getting more investors.
The total amount they hit was far above the one reached during the last quarter of 2016.

The bank looks forward to seeing more from him in the near future. He must be very pleased with his

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CBN vows to continue forex intervention

They should just sue any banks who comes at loggerheads with them, instead of wasting their saliva to curtail the menace they contribute to cause. Where were the dollars hanging before stuffing them in Nigeria? Why didn't they just make an official statement regarding any failure by banks to face

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President Buhari will not stop fighting corruption - Presidency aide

Of course he would not. He will continue fighting until he has subdued all his non-tribal opponents so as to attain or better still achieve a one tribal government.
He should fight those who are ripping the country of her resources. Well, let's see what the future

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Vote out corrupt leaders in 2019

The main question here is how do we identify a corrupt leader. Many of us do not even know the basis in which we call them corrupt or not.

During election, the highest bidder, the one who pays the highest money is the winner. Is that how we are going to know the corrupt ones.

In many cases, because of fear of loss, a politician will

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That PDP may rise again

Of course they will rise, but will they be able to regain the trust of the people? There has been many decamping of PDP members to the ruling party. Anyway, they can come for what they want, I am not in support any political

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FG says it cannot disclose Amount Spent to Treat President Buhari in UK.

This is how they squander money out of the country. They won't disclose the total amount spent on his health, is this how things should go? How can we expect transparency if things like this persist.

Well, let them eat as they like.

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I will resign if abuja airport is not reopened after six weeks

I would love to see if he will stick to his words. I am doubting of the minister of aviation would really out Na end to his tenure as the main man in the game. The airport has been shut and nothing is going on there now. I am waiting to see what he can

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Privacy: Google Makes Employees Sign Away Right to Sue Over Pornography (and Lots of Other Rights, Too)

Okay, in one side, it's company rules. On the other hand, it violates US Labor law. So, I wonder to why Google requires everyone to do this although not all of them that work in the "censorship" department?

I heard lots of reports that people that work in the "censorship" department suffers from PTSD. So, why Google didn't remove them from

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Articles Category Index - #survellance:
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