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The real costs of cheap surveillance

They want their control back. But even if they fabricated the report, they can't stop the people from speaking their minds.

Right now, even if you intent to commit a criminal act no matter how soft it is, you could be arrested. Unless of course, your social status is in the circle of those who make the regulations.


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Former CIA operative talks whistleblowers in Santa Fe

Who cares! The issue is whether that whistleblowers would be protected by freedom of information if and only if the government is on the other side of the law.

Sometimes you will think that this whistleblowers could reveal the government wrongdoing, but those who's in power want these people quiet by putting them in prison.


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Russia reportedly increased its US surveillance after Trump took office

Not surprise there. But what about the CIA and NSA who's been spying on Russia formerly USSR since WW2? Didn't those two agency were created after WW2 to listen and monitor everything on the planet especially the eastern bloc during the cold war?


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Saraki Releases Line By Line Details Of NASS Budget

I was so disappointment when i saw the percentage of the budget that was assigned to education, it really shows that the politicians of this great country has plans of killing the education sector of this country and fly their children abroad to study while the average man suffers illiteracy here in Nigeria, i have never seen a country that is

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Politics: Trump signs order on cybersecurity that holds agency heads accountable for network attacks

Really! And how many agency's head that he will fired if such attack occurs on US soil by a 400-lbs hacker who lives on their mother basement?

What about the Russian? What about the US is indeed being attacked because the national infrastructure is critical? What would Trump do to retaliate against the

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Five Eyes spying alliance reportedly gather in NZ for secret surveillance conference

According to the Otago Daily Times, the conference is expected to go on for about a week, with golf on the itinerary.

Well, what if their golf club is laced with tracking device? Or better yet, perhaps the Chinese, Russian or North Korean already bug their golf club so they can be spied together all at the same
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Ondo Police Deploys Officers To Highway

This should be the job of the police. Deploying if policemen to the highways is what they should be doing all the time. How come this become a news, isn't that stupid. Policemen are supposed to be in almost every place to maintain law and order and to avert

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Wike Inspect Road Projects In Rivers State

The governor is busy going on about his project of rehabilitation of roads in the state. Many of his critics have been making waves about his fake promises and poor services offered to the people of the state. That's good but how much van they say.
Kudos to him if carrying out the

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Soon You'll Be Able to Hijack Weaponized Police Drones in Connecticut

From Bruce Schneier:

"Not content with having a fleet of insecure surveillance drones, the state of Connecticut wants a fleet of insecure weaponized drones. What could possibly go wrong?"



Why is it so often the case that highly incompetent people take important

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Conversations with a hacker: What Guccifer 2.0 told me

Why I got a feeling that Guccifer will start trolling around the EU election in the next three months?

The German election will be held in February and the French will be in April 2017. I think he's ready to troll some of these people or perhaps got some record already.

Interesting conversation posted by the BBC nonetheless!

To see his

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