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Senate approves use of E-VOTING in future election

Like I have posted before about the new level of corruption that will surface in the coming election. The bribery with money and the buying of votes will be no more. The new model will be hacking, how fast and how accurate van you hack. This is the

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WhatsApp's Small Security Flaw Is the Price of Convenience

Reports of a backdoor in the messaging app overlook the fact that building software used by 1 billion people can require compromise...

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Trump's CIA chief pick makes encrypted chat popular again

Of course, Pompeo supports widespread surveillance to advance the government ideology and principle. What else is new!

I think this could be just momentarily. As the market normally reacts when a far-right winger being nominated in one of the highest ranking officers in the


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What If Apple Is Wrong?

New layers of secrecy on smartphones might damage the criminal justice system in return for only marginal gains in our personal privacy...

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Apple and WhatsApp's Encryption Is a Stimulus Package for the Phone Hacking Industry

Law enforcement will probably spend more time and money hacking phones after moves by Apple and WhatsApp to strengthen their encryption...

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Encrypted Email Provider ProtonMail Opens to the Public, Accepts Bitcoin Payments

ProtonMail, the world's largest encrypted email provider, announced that the service is leaving beta and will be allowing open registrations. ProtonMail is also launching its free iOS and Android mobile applications globally in the Apple App store and Google Play


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Apple's Stand Against the FBI Gets Weak Backing from Other Tech Giants

CEO Tim Cook roared in defiance of a court order demanding he unlock a terrorist's iPhone, but other companies have been muted or silent on the matter...

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ISIS opens 'help desk' for militants to evade surveillance

Let me get this straight! Is this publication promoting IS or they just want to point out that the terrorist is actually smarter than the rest of the world? Does the GhostSec Security group that find out about this by hacking the IS system?

I always wonder on how they could find this IS computer system? They work in a cell, so it's


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How to Protect Yourself from NSA Attacks on 1024-bit DH

Approximately over 80% of the computer in the world that use SSL, TLS, HTTPS and IPsec VPNs connections can be breached after weakness was discovered by scientist from Univ. of Pennsylvania, et al. They eve conclude that the NSA apparently able to break this code and eavesdropping the connection for quite sometimes.

This EFF's report shows

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Gov-Tech Encryption Battle Wages On

He further argued that there is no concrete evidence that proves that building a back door for government surveillance would do American citizens any good.

But, it would do their government a lot of good! It would help make them subject to the whim of their


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