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NSA Backtracks on Sharing Number of Americans Caught in Warrant-Less Spying

Yeah right! There is no way that they can give the exact estimate on how many Americans that being wiretapped? In fact, those numbers once it's released, could be fabricated just to make Washington happy.

Put it this way, NSA monitor all telecommunication activities throughout the world. And since 80% of the network traffic is routed to the

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Spying on Journalists - The Sequel

I think the legal argumentation here mostly about Dumbo and his right wing conservatives. Admitted that the he uses that leaks to fire Flynn and several others. But what if Dumbo, Kushner or any other members of his family and closest friend are involved in this US-Russian mafia fiasco? Would he fire them


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Former NSA executive: Agency used 'blanket' surveillance during 2002 Olympics

the Salt Lake City operation captured far more than just metadata. Before the Olympics, he said, the NSA set up geofencing - virtual geographic boundaries - around Salt Lake City and nearby Olympic venues.

That's why if the Russian hacked the DNC, the NSA would know in the first place. Similarly when any foreign


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Domestic spying makes mockery of the Constitution

Of course it does. The fourth amendment of the constitution that was created and ratified over 250 years ago already provide the basic privacy for all resident of the United States.

Why the FISA court be created anyway? It's just another branch of judicial process to protect the NSA and DOJ asses.


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South Africa: MTN, Vodacom, Telkom, and Cell C have 30 days to provide surveillance stats - R2K

This is not surprising. Every damn phone company and ISP in the world will record every users communication regardless who they are.

Now, the question is why they do not delete it or even use it to nail a corrupt official especially those ANC people right


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Illegal Wiretapping: US lawmakers ask Trump to turn over any Comey tapes

So, when Trump accused Obama administration for illegally wiretapped Trump tower, he blatantly request the FBI to turn over the data and find the leaks and its sources.

Now, Trump blatantly confessed through Twitter that he wiretapped his conversation with Comey. Heck, isn't that illegal on the president side. Doesn't the 4th amendment

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This Is the Secret Court Order That Forced the NSA to Delete the Data it Collected About You

the NSA improperly collected untold numbers of "multi-communications transactions" (MCTs) as they were in transit around the internet.

I bet you that MCT is not being detailed by the NSA. Heck, even a simple wiretapped can be consider an MCT. Whether it's digital or analog, as long as the NSA can intercept and
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Our opinion: Updating wiretapping laws is long overdue

Of course. But the question is whether the law enforcement agency needs to wiretap people unknowingly without the court order is the biggest problem.

One thing for sure, if the people respect privacy, then there won't be any need to wiretap someone even an organized crime. Since that was the case, there are always people that got the crumb

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Politics: Sally Yates is set to give bombshell testimony about Michael Flynn and Russia - here's what to expec

You could bet that Yates is eager to spill her beans on the House floor today. I hope she does so the public will know what the Justice department know when they wiretapped Flynn telecommunications with the Russian.

One thing for sure that people must ask is which side that Yates would be. The WH side or the truth for covering this

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Intelligence Reports Raise Questions About Obama Administration Surveillance

This is just Obama administration, what about the other president prior to Obama all the way since the inception of the NSA?

You can be sure that the NSA already tapped to everyone on the planet since the day that the phone system existed. After all, don't they tapped into the creator of phone back then, AT&T and now, they are tapping into

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