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Don't click that Google Docs link! Gmail hijack mail spreads like wildfire

Hackers may be working overtime to victimized people. These phishing acts is very common and now uses a Google Docs link which recently spreading so fast. Anyway, PayPal accounts are also being hacked due too phishing emails. If an email was directly send to your spam mail, don't click it. It's phishing. Better open your PayPal account not

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If you receive such an email, DO NOT OPEN IT!

Internet circulates new scam. Mail carrying a suspicious link probably will get from someone you know, so it makes it a little harder to break it was a trick. However, if you click on the link problem, we will send an email to all your contacts.

It is a new phishing email. Specifically, phishing (phishing) or, fishing, an attempt to steal


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Phishing: This Is Why That Google Doc Spear Phishing Email Tricked So Many People

You can always fake the inbound email address anyway. I personally got a spam that indicate it comes from myself, or send by myself. This is called a rounded trip phishing.

Anyway, you can manipulate the header but how many people that actually know how to open a header file when they receive an

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Intelligence Leaks: CIA Hacking Tools Revealed

Tuesday, March 7, 2017 would be a day which live in infamy. No, I'm not quoting FDR on December 8, 1941, but what the people will say to the CIA spying technique.

WikiLeaks, the anti-censorship organization on the planet had disclosed almost 9000 pages of CIA hacking, surveillance and spyware all over the world. Even Edward Snowden said that

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Privacy protection: India seems to be going the NSA-PRISM way, when it comes to surveillance

That is exactly what most of countries in the world wants to do. Carbon copy the NSA/GCHQ law and forget about anything else. Who cares about human rights issue and freedom of information. The more that they can control, the better it is to steer the entire population.

Subduing people using electronic media in digital world is easier than

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Japanese hosting company Kagoya hacked; credit card data stolen

This is the reason why you have to protect your own HTTP server. Most people doesn't realize that any amateur hacker could send a simple command through browser command line and found out your weakness is.

When you pass something on the address bar, whether it's a //l[2] or //l[3], it could open up the entire thing for hacker.

It's always


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Complex Bitcoin Phishing Scheme Revealed - Cisco's OpenDNS Security Team

For novice users, phishing email seems to be a common email and there is nothing irregular. But for someone who know and realize it, they pay attention to the address on the link. Moreover, people should use due diligence and pay attention also to the address on the site address.

This is typical and the easiest for hacker to breach your


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Jigsaw ransomware: Saw-inspired malware deletes files bit by bit hourly until you pay

This is interesting. In addition to get into your computer through phishing email, the malware replace Firefox and Dropbox executable with their own then delete the files one by one within 72 hours. Smart, very smart! This hacker is not motivated by money, but by chaos. By creating chaos, he/she knows that money is nothing as long as the


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Hackers aren't smart -- people are stupid.

I agree with the author here. It does not matter how you tell people to use their head or 'due diligence' in browsing or choosing passwords, there is always someone out there that never listen. Hence it create a big mess. Many example lately about the hacking and breaching government sites proof that even the supposedly most secure computer


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Ahoy! Whaling Is The New Phishing: Is Your Boss Really Your Boss?

Ha ha! Social engineering attacks combined with phishing is nothing new. But for people who worked in the finance department of the company definitely should be aware of something like this could happen. And besides, whoever in charge of company financial should have a common sense to be able to recognize a phishing


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