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India: Fork Over Your Fingers or Cease to Exist: India's Biometric Blackmail

Heck, the 8 years plan has nailed over 90% of its population. This is the reason why Modi wants to demonetize the currency and move everyone to the traditional banking system so they all can be tracked easily.

But those who lives freely still trust the millennial old system that even the government can't take over, the Halawa system or even

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FBI: Next Generation Identification (NGI)

Did anyone see the latest report by the FBI on NGI last November 2016? (see //l[1]).
Holy craps Batman! Over 115 million people has their fingerprint and other biometric identification being kept by FBI on their databases.

I wonder when hacker gonna cracked their system here since this is one heck of personal info that everyone looking


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NY Facial Recognition Coming To 'Crossing Points'

We are getting closer to full blown wacko! The full "minority report" type of governance is here and the first place will be in New York by 2017.

Holy crap! Now you can be famous all over the US and perhaps the world, once you enter New York.

Note: Why not performs surveillance on Donald Trump income/outcome and his


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The Faceless Recognition System Doesn't Have to See Your Face to Know Who You Are

You see by analyzing the environment of the picture, background, and other surrounding detail, the system could recognize who's that is.

One thing to be save is not tagging your picture on the social media. By default, your smartphone automatically tag any picture that you take. And if you upload it to a site such as Facebook, then you're


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GAO Report - FBI Face-recognition Database Consists Of 411.9 Million Images

It's been found to be biased against African-Americans, and utterly failed in the Boston bombing manhunt.

What else is new? There is no actual way to describe the face recognition system. For once, human ages and so are their faces. Of course there is a need to do this manually by using real human to monitor the


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South Australian Police to Start Using FBI-Like Facial Recognition Software

Actually, they have been using this for quite sometimes now. The issue that they brought this up to the surface is to show that they are start recording everyone face or even anything that enter south Australia. They even have a police car equipped with the system similar to the FBI.

The FBI already has such capabilities for so long and even


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Brazil: Use of Face Recognition Technology to Identify International Travelers at Airports

(Aug. 3, 2016) On August 1, 2016, the Brazilian Internal Revenue Service ( Secretaria da Receita Federal, SRF ) started to use a facial recognition system to identify international travelers arriving at airports in the country. The goal is to expedite customs service procedures by the prior identification and selection for further inspection of


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CFP - International Journal of Biometrics and Bioinformatics (IJBB)

Computer Science Journals (CSC Journals) invites researchers, editors, scientists & scholars to publish their scientific research papers in an International Journal of Biometrics and Bioinformatics (IJBB) Volume 6, Issue 2.

The International Journal of Biometric and Bioinformatics (IJBB) brings together both of these aspects of biology and

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Don't move! New Spying Technique to Track You... Coming to an airport near you?

Identascan Corporation headed by Dr. Li Liu who is in the process of developing a computer program that will allow the identification of individuals by their body movements. "Each individual's body movement is as personal as their fingerprint", said Identascan's President Dr. Li
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Face Recognition System

Aditech Justlook is leading biometrics solutions provider company offer face recognition system named as JustLook. JustLook face recognition system for access control, time tracking and visitor management system.
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