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How Mc Donald's Employees delayed Facebook Killer's fries so that Cops could arrest him

He thought he would not be caught but he had it wrong. The deployed were brilliantly and have failed up the cops to get them alerted about the killer who shot dead a man in his 70s. The killer later ended up killing

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Wike Inspect Road Projects In Rivers State

The governor is busy going on about his project of rehabilitation of roads in the state. Many of his critics have been making waves about his fake promises and poor services offered to the people of the state. That's good but how much van they say.
Kudos to him if carrying out the

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Local refineries to get recognition for federal government

This is what the media should be based on now if it is actually true. I am not discrediting it but a news like this should be over everywhere. Well, if this is approved and the destruction of local refineries cease, then we are just a few blocks away to our own

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Smartphone Habits Can Determine Credit Worthiness In Developing World

I think this article got nothing to do with bitcoin although the implication may lead that way.

Collecting metadata about phone user even in the third world country without permission from such user is considered spying. Surveillance that being done even to collect the user data for the sole purpose of giving a credit score is unlawful


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Will a CD loan improve my credit?

A common credit rating improvement technique is to take our a bank loan that is secured by a CD.

In simple steps:

1) Apply for a loan for $2500 for 2 years

2) Put that loan in a 2 year CD.

3) Use that CD as security for the loan.

Now, those steps are all combined by the bank into one "master step". That way the bank will give you

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Embeded YouTube: Identity Theft Prevention | Credit Reports & Fraud Alerts

From the US Treasury Dept. Explains how to obtain free credit reports from the credit bureaus. Also explains how Fraud Alerts work and how to activate them.


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Blog post: "Positive credit data needs care" - commentary by NZ Credit Finance I

Credit Finance Institute, David Young. Mr Young appears to be of the view that controls around consent need to be in reporting agency. By Dene Mackenzie on Thu, 17 Jun 2010 Including positive data on credit reports was a positive move ...Credit Finance Institute president David Young said yesterday. Mr Young, of Dunedin, was commenting
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Credit Score Impact

Credit score possible. Everyones credit profile is unique, but there are well-known ways to both improve and damage your credit score. afterward. How Credit Scores are Calculated Credit scores are generated by plugging the data from your credit report into software scoring formula and cranks out a number. The three major credit
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Blog post: New FCRA Obligations May Impact Employers

Reporting agencies under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). As a result, employers that provide payroll and other employee-related information to information to consumer reporting agencies took effect on July 1, 2010. For a good summary of the new regulations, click ...Credit Reporting ActIdaho Requires Electronic Reporting of
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Post: Major Changes To NZ Credit Reporting Regulation - Press release by Marie S

Credit Reporting Code 2004. The original article can be found here. Wednesday, 16 June, 2010 00:02 Credit Reporting Privacy Code 2004 ...Credit Reporting Privacy Code and invited anyone interested to make a submission by 13 August. The amendments result from a two reporting in New Zealand, the Commissioner said. I have examined the
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