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Hackers: A Hacker Group Hijacked Some Medium Blogs (Including Ours)

They are not looking for content of the blogs or testing the security. In fact, in the big corporation like this where social media account is also connected with the site, hacker's gold mine is the social media account and the user personal info. Who cares about the corporate blog's site. Once they get everyone personal data, they can do it to

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Ransomware up. Breaches up. What do hackers want? Research, prototypes... all your secrets

Two things: Hacker wants money and your personal data to advance their hacking endeavors. If they just want money now, they are normally use it to show off or to finance their current project. But if they get your personal data, they can do whatever they want for the rest of your life. Imagine that your life is now in their hand. Looks the same

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This Is the Evidence Linking Russian Hackers to the French Election

How do they know it's the Russian doing? What if it's done by the NSA under Trump's order? Another conspiracy theory?

Heck, we saw from WikiLeaks document that even the CIA can mask the location of the hacker to the point that people will discover that it comes from Russia or any other country. And with the revelation of Shadow Brokers that

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We can hit India much harder, boast Pakistani hackers

If they just attack the website and defaced it, then they are only hack the surface of it. Try to get into the system and install a malware so they can suck all the data in forever without anyone noticing it.

When you want to be a hacker, be like the NSA who can keep it quiet and monitor everyone activities without anyone notices.

What a

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India: Hackers take aim at politics

That doesn't surprise me. Government institutions, politicians plus banks are hackers favorite target. Why? Because this is where the gold mine is. It's one stop shopping for every personal data of the country's citizen, their assets or wealth and also their policies.

But see, we can't escape the digital age as everyone is moving away from

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Hackers: GE fixing bug that could let hackers shut down power grid

So, the Ukranian use GE product. Then no wonder the Russian or even the US hacker can get it also.

Interestingly, the hacker didn't go after US power grid since they are also using GE circuit breaker. Perhaps, they are saving it for Trump someday just in case he needs to launch an ICBM to North

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Can hackers get into your computer?

Data Doctors Ken Colburn says if you have a newer Windows operating system and you allow updates, this shouldn't affect you.

WTF! This is a load of craps! In fact, win 10 is one of the buggy one since released. Make it that every darn microsoft product is buggy inside out.

Heck, even the NSA tools is nothing more

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Botnet:Rule 41 Warrant Used in Kelihos Botnet TAKEDOWN

  • Rule #1: It hits Microsoft product

  • Rule #2: The FBI tapped into the ISP so they can re-route this botnet

  • Rule #3: They activate rule #41 to perform surveillance on every PC that has been infected with this botnet under PRISM program.
It's clear that the FBI took advantage of this botnet so they can
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Hackers: Air Force enlists hackers to hunt bugs in its site

Isn't this supposedly a regular thing? We all know that the DoD has been doing it for a while and that includes all branches of the military. They're just not publicized it to the public. But with the recent cyber security hacks all over the world, advertising it could give you benefit of the doubt. Of course they are all must pass security

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Hackers: NSA Hacking Tips Revealed

The documents also suggest that after the NSA penetrated the firewall of the SWIFT service providers, they then used Microsoft exploits to target any computers that were linked to the SWIFT network.

So, they penetrated the firewall (noting that it doesn't say what OS), then they use Microsoft to messed up the
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