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I will resign if abuja airport is not reopened after six weeks

I would love to see if he will stick to his words. I am doubting of the minister of aviation would really out Na end to his tenure as the main man in the game. The airport has been shut and nothing is going on there now. I am waiting to see what he can

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Hackers: More hacker groups target central banks

Soon or later, the entire banking system collapsed and their crimes would be exposed to the public. Yes, conspiracy to control the world by manipulating currency and then some.

Hacker will not stop to attack the central bank regardless who or what they are. It won't be long before they use a smaller bank to attack the bigger bank and


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Internet: Russian hackers exploiting antivirus blind spot for browser add-ons

Interesting! This is also a warning for people who love to put plenty of add-ons on their browser to extend their browser capabilities.

What most people normally doesn't realize is that each browser add-ons come with a warning by the developers. Thus it's important to check what you need and what not. Of course, as far as I'm concern, even

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buhari governors pay salaries paris fund

The Paris fund should be used to pay salaries to government workers by governors. How about the pensioners, will they get from the money?

The buildings that federal government had recovered from corrupt individuals should be put to better

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Stupidity: Hackers could allegedly comprise the US Air Force's updated E-3G radar planes

The E-3G Block 40/45 upgrade replaces the Sentry's antiquated computers with a Red Hat Linux-based system for the main flight computer, and Windows-based operator workstations, which are connected to each other via a local area network.

That's the answer to the Air Force ultimate stupidity there. They mix Linux and
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China: Forget the Great Firewall ... China is beefing up its ability to police all cyberspace

And it will happen with or without the US helps anyway. C'mon, think logically, even if they can secure their cyberspace by censoring many things including journalist and sites, they're the same like the US where they're financing a state sponsored hackers. What do you think the NSA is?

But, in term of money, China is still the largest

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Warning: Hackers are now 'juice jacking' from public charging stations

This is nothing new. I personally know about this thing after I got hack pretty good in China.

London, Hong Kong, Shanghai and some of world international airports are full of hacker. Not only the USB port, but also their wifi with "man in the middle" style of attack.

Maybe I should try this //l[2]. It's basically remove the middle two


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UK: Queen Elizabeth II inaugurates Britain's new cybersecurity agency

So what the difference between this new NCSC and GCHQ? Both of them will tap into everyone network and phone line anyway.

One thing for sure, how in the world you can defend something from an attack if you don't know the motif by tapping into other people network?

What a waste of


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Security: Facebook snag, not hackers, lock users' accounts

I think this is just Snafu on Facebook part and not hackers. Besides, I think most hacker get tired of hacking FB, not because they couldn't find what they need, but there are other easier method to get users personal data from FB.

Like the news site says, FB is kept this thing quiet on how many people got affected so


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Lack of cyber skills leaves Britain open to hackers

Oh, and now they're panic?

They should put more concentration on educating people on the danger of the internet in general, then they can move in into educational institution by making them learning about cyber security.

At this moment, of course it's hard since the best hacker or security people do not like to work in an organizational

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