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Ransomware cyberattack: More than 200000 victims affected, fears number could grow

This is getting alarming. Hackers are getting to strong to do cyber attacks. This recent cyber attack has affected hundreds of thousands of people, as well as in different European countries and other countries globally. Internet security should be more tight as it is affecting heaps people around the

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NSCDC nabs five over fraud, cultism in Ondo

Good job well done by the agency. They have been a good back up to the police and have served as security to support the effort of the police and army. They are not well trained like the police and I suggest that they should be well equipped with sufficient weapon for security

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Alarm raised about two thieves pretending to be housemaids

This is a new skill developed by the bad guys who always seems crim as what they could offer to the public. What a shame for the security in the country and the state too. How come they have been able perpetrate their crime until alarms were been

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Buhari is to be blamed for Nigeria's recession - Pat Utomi

Of course, I concur with this man. I remember his words that is still very useful today. This were his words..

Certain things we pray about does not require a miracle but a change of attitudes

So true is that the president is solely to be blamed for restricting imports that caused the

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CBN vows to continue Forex intervention

They should just sue any banks who comes at loggerheads with them, instead of wasting their saliva to curtail the menace they contribute to cause. Where were the dollars hanging before stuffing them in Nigeria? Why didn't they just make an official statement regarding any failure by banks to face sanctions.

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Vote out corrupt leaders in 2019

The main question here is how do we identify a corrupt leader. Many of us do not even know the basis in which we call them corrupt or not.

During election, the highest bidder, the one who pays the highest money is the winner. Is that how we are going to know the corrupt ones.

In many cases, because of fear of loss, a politician will

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Data Leaks: 76% of Healthcare Organizations Hacked Info Sold on Darknet

despite the increasing vulnerability of security systems and infrastructures, healthcare organizations are struggling to implement necessary solutions and technologies to combat hacking attacks.

That's because most people in the healthcare industry want everything plug and play and only concern about things that
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DataLeaks: Cloudflare's CloudBleed Continues to Bother Bitcoin Industry

Do you believe this craps? Look at this list on GitHub: //l[2]. This is a lawsuit waiting to happen that could bring down CloudFlare revenue.

The fact that the error caused from internal CloudFlare shows that even the cyber security that the company runs for the past decades have lots of holes in it.

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Hackers: How hackers turned a Cape Cod fishing guide's site into a host for e-commerce fraud

Interesting, but I want to know more about how the hacker(s) use this site for e-commerce fraud.

The step by step instruction is quite helpful since most people just want to plug and play and be done with it. Sometimes when we overlook things, hacker could find the weakness in the tightest spot and take advantage of it. Good post

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New Device Sold on the Dark Web Can Clone Up to 15 Contactless Cards per Second

Aha! Hacker could carry this device on their pocket and once they get close to you, they can copy or clone your NFC device like card or perhaps tapped into the data transmission from your smartphone to this tools.

Many people need to be aware that walking around with your phone online apps all the time is not the best thing to do if you

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