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Privacy: What is Differential Privacy?


Bottom line is that the more you give to Apple, the more the algorithm can tell what do you like or even your preferences in life. In other words, the AI will read you like a textbook case on who you are even better than you know yourself.

Heck, isn't Google does the same thing? And so it's Apple. So, forget about this BS technical


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China Activists Fear Increased Surveillance With New Security Law

Why the western nation is so concern about China surveillance law while they did the same thing quietly and in clandestine manner?

At least the Chinese has this law and they told everyone. The US didn't have the law, but the NSA and GCHQ is continuously collecting metadata of every traffic that being passed to the US and UK. Worse, they even

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Social media, surveillance replacing neighborhood watch groups

That's the main purpose of social media too. You unleash your heart into it and share it to the world. But with the addition of live video streaming, you can also communicate with your neighbor on your smartphone.

Of course this would open up another crappy issues, privacy! No one can escape surveillance as people start to know each other

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Government web surveillance: Scarier than you may think

Of course it's scary. Government doesn't want to loose control of independent and considered subversive journalist from their monitoring activity. But they let fake news flourish so they can control the people even more.

This is the reason why VPN or even Tor network is quite useful. But with the way the government poisoned the internet,

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Surveillance: Microsoft wasn't hammered by surveillance requests in 2016

What a bunch of BS? We all know that Microsoft is under the PRISM program. So, it ain't matter what they say about the number of warrant canary that they got. Even 1,499 that they claimed to be miss-typed is still small compared to the entire world Microsoft users that they have been monitored and tapped

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Privacy: Can your boss spy on you at work?

This is a proof that how stupid government is. If you work for a company that based in New South Wales but have an office in Queensland where you work, then the privacy law is different.

Heck, let's assume that every damn privateer and government agency is currently monitoring your activity then. Who cares about the BS law

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FG denies plan to monitor private phone conversation and social media

Who would agree and create panic among the people, no government would do that. They will deny as usual but they have already carried out this surveillance for years if not months. During a phone call between governor wike and fayose, there were controversies trailing the conversation. Too bad no one have complete

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Privacy: After killing privacy, net neutrality is the FCC's next target

It will happen anyway. Pai was Verizon's employee and he knows well on how Verizon struggle under Obama administration to charge more to its subscriber.

No wonder Trump picked Pai to take over the FCC. He knows that the more control the ISP can have on its user, the more they can make


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Encryption: Appeals Court Allows Man To Be Jailed Indefinitely For Refusing To Decrypt Hard Drives

Wow that's crazy! So, how long they would incarcerate him anyway?

But. there is something funky about this case. The police know that he download a child pornography into his pc, so why don't they use that evidence to put this guy into prison with the current applicable law. Why they need to find more incriminating evidence if they can use


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How to: 10 Important Cyber Security Tips For Small Business Owners

These are typical example that most of novice user neglect to do whenever they have an account on some important places like bank, social media, etc. and access it using their pc or phone.

These are the basic but it's necessary for people to understand that hackers and scammers are lurking the network to steal anything you have including

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