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Surveillance: Senate Moves to Permanently Kill the FCC's Broadband Privacy Rules

All politician are in bed with the big business anyway. If the information is being collected by the government, they required FISA court to approve it. But for privateer like ISP, heck, they can do it at anytime and then sell our data to the highest bidder.

Now, tell me, where's the privacy law


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Privacy: Google Makes Employees Sign Away Right to Sue Over Pornography (and Lots of Other Rights, Too)

Okay, in one side, it's company rules. On the other hand, it violates US Labor law. So, I wonder to why Google requires everyone to do this although not all of them that work in the "censorship" department?

I heard lots of reports that people that work in the "censorship" department suffers from PTSD. So, why Google didn't remove them from

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Surveillance: FBI request for Twitter account data may have overstepped legal guidelines

I don't get it. Why the FBI requesting Twitter data where they can pay a third party services to obtain the data directly from them? Do they want to have everything covered by FISA order to cover their butt?

The fact that the FBI could create their own algorithm to get people data by using their own API shows that they spend more money than

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Privacy: These are the 24 Senators that introduced a bill to let telecoms sell your private internet history

I was surprised to see Ron Paul in that list. But of course, he wants to remove all the regulations anyway. That's his crazy path so far.

Anyway, all of these GOP will probably make it since it sponsored by half of their members in the senate. Thus, we can assume that there won't be any warrant needed to get people's

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Surveillance: Playing the 'fear card': UN privacy expert slams online surveillance

"True political leadership does not play the fear card,"

Really! That was most of the government in the world has done for millennia. The government was created to protect its citizen but as time goes by, it starts to encroach people private lives where in turn, it becomes the absolute rulers regardless what
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Privacy: Is the Privacy of Europeans at Risk?

It's already at risk if you have an account with US companies such as Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Amazon, etc.

With every corporation owns a cloud storage that can be put everywhere they want, you don't even know where's your data is. Heck, you could access gmail from EU, but they stored it in Asia or in the US.

The law must be tightening,


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EU: Netherlands Looks To Join The Super-Snooper Club With New Mass Surveillance Law

Yup! The Dutch follows the UK even if they know that they are in EU. The question is whether the EU human rights court will stand their regulations or not is yet to be proven.

But, one thing for sure. For a country that implement so much liberalization for the past quarter of century, isn't it kinda odd that they start tightening their law


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Boston Police Department Ends Plan To Monitor the Darknet and Social Media

The issue is not the software but the privacy of the user that being encroached by the Boston PD. Who knows that they might get such software through the backdoor. After all, who can stop these people anyway.

Even if they can, the long term contract to update the system is the one that cost more taxpayers money since software must be kept

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The U.S. Postal Service Seeks Bitcoin Experts to Counter Darknet Markets

Why I got a feeling that this is just a waste of taxpayer money?

The reason is that the USPS is a federal government and they technically couldn't open a package without warrant. So, how in the world they could track the package if the package were not even scanned once they arrive at the distribution center.

Moreover, if you look at the

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Congress Passes Email Privacy Act, Requires Authories Get Warrant To Access Personal Data

Well, this is good to know, but it doesn't mean that the feds would obey the regulations since the snooping charter can supersede this law. Am I correct?

The fact that the snooping charter could intercept any transmission including email content shows that this law is just a formality toward the internet email providers and got nothing to do

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