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Internet: Russian hackers exploiting antivirus blind spot for browser add-ons

Interesting! This is also a warning for people who love to put plenty of add-ons on their browser to extend their browser capabilities.

What most people normally doesn't realize is that each browser add-ons come with a warning by the developers. Thus it's important to check what you need and what not. Of course, as far as I'm concern, even

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Hackers: Indian hacker discovers loophole in Uber app, gets free taxi rides for life

Good for him. At least Uber and Facebook pay their white hat hacker promptly. I don't know about Domino Pizza though. If I were him I might keep that bug for myself. Nah, it's not ethical. But I wonder how many has gotten away with free pizza worldwide so far!


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Warning: Hackers are now 'juice jacking' from public charging stations

This is nothing new. I personally know about this thing after I got hack pretty good in China.

London, Hong Kong, Shanghai and some of world international airports are full of hacker. Not only the USB port, but also their wifi with "man in the middle" style of attack.

Maybe I should try this //l[2]. It's basically remove the middle two


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The bruising clash over a Facebook Live stream

Mr Sharpe is heard saying: "I'm not doing anything wrong, mate. What can you do to me?"

Aha ha ha! Hey, bittorrent ain't illegal, but direct streaming might be if you attach your own PPV to your social media account.

Looks like this guy will face a battle in the court for violating copyright issue. But, just take

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Someone Used Hacked Vending Machines To Hold A University's Internet Hostage - Daily Caller

How do I know that this report is real or not if Verizon were unwilling to name the university that has been attacked by IoT botnet?

Despite the fact that it had occurred before on Twitter and other big corporation, the issue is very simple: change the password once you put that thing online or connected to your institution's network.


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Lack of cyber skills leaves Britain open to hackers

Oh, and now they're panic?

They should put more concentration on educating people on the danger of the internet in general, then they can move in into educational institution by making them learning about cyber security.

At this moment, of course it's hard since the best hacker or security people do not like to work in an organizational

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How big is the threat of cyberwar?

Of course this is just started. We're just in the beginning of the expansive international network that create a new battlefield. The difference is that the army is existed in the form of bits and electron and no one knows where are they come from.

Even from a basement of the house, a teenager could become a world class hacker. And no one

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Delegated recovery

With compromising more than one billion of Yahoo Mail user's passwords for which the public found out only last year, Facebook unveils 'Delegated Recovery'. It is recovery function orders for other web sites, simply a protocol that helps applications that entitle the recovery task from other accounts controlled by the same


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President Trump's @POTUS Twitter account was linked to a personal Gmail account for a week

Sometimes the educated people that sit in the high place is not the smartest people at all. They are too busy to whoop other people ass to the point that they forget to clean up their own.

I was surprised that hacker published this. They normally just snoop around and hack it to the point that they can take control the

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Did The U.S. Intelligence Community Fall for an Internet Prank?

To be honest, I think they fall to many internet pranks. The fact that the intelligence community monitor every channel in this world have made them paranoia and delusional beyond belief.

But, not limited to 4chan which is favorite to many people. I think this articles should be expanded to other places as

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