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Will Cloud Change the World?

Google has deployed services and frameworks customized around specific functional, topical and informational models.
They've given anyone with a Gmail account a $300 credit to start hacking away with these services. Do you think we will now compute all our algos in the cloud?

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This Trick Can Help You Identify Credit Card Skimmers Immediately

Skimming is what other scammers and theft are doing and victimized thousands of people already. If you are using your ATM cards, then consider these tips to prevent getting robbed off of money. I wonder though what the companies are doing to stop skimming.

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Investigation: With new iPhone, Trump still a target for hackers

Well, Trump still need to be in touch with his business empire. Thus there is no surprise that he will email or twit his personal message to his children and subordinate outside the government jurisdiction using his own phone.

Heck, he could twit Melania using his private channel as far as I'm concern. But hacker is always ready on the other

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Banks and insurers warned over use of tracking devices on customers' cars

This is really stupid. The fact that even a private PI could put a tracking device on your car is something that they normally do anyway. Even with regular phone, you can attach a poor man GPS under the splash guard or the car.

The fact that Ireland does not have this law until now is baffling me while most developed countries in the world

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Baghdad: Double Bomb Attacks Hits Al Sinak Market

The world is seriously looking for ways to stop terrorism but it seems that all the efforts have been thwarted by these group of Islamist, i hope the government of this people do something about it before it gets out of hand. May God help them all.


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That Dark Spot in the New York Skyline is Probably a Top-Secret NSA Spy Station

Aha ha ha! Snowden warned us back in 2013. He mentioned about AT&T involvements with the NSA and they have been tapping phone metadata all the way back for 30 years.

You know, since this building is close to the UN headquarters and major world financial center such as IMF and World Bank, it's a living proof that the US is the 'chef boyardee'


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China Increases Censorship And State Control By Passing 'Abusive' Cybersecurity Law

It's China and get over with. If you do not like to do business in the world most populous nation where the customer based is the biggest in the world, then so be it. Just walk away and forget about the money.

Hey, do you think that the US wouldn't do the same? The only difference is just the Chinese were open since the beginning, and not


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Clinton: State Department Is Far behind in Technology

"When I got to the State Department, we were so far behind in technology, it was embarrassing," she said.

And its still behind in term of technology up till now! Imagine, a department that must deal with foreign policy and relations on day to day basis but were behind by even a small third world country in term of


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Intrinsic-ID & Guardtime to Build IoT Blockchain; Pilot Test Plans

a law enforcement agency could create an autonomous data sharing platform by broadcasting a transaction into the Guardtime //p[2155240:blockchain] network once a machine or a device is enabled. That way, every device or chip-controlled machines can be closely observed, without the possibility of data alteration.


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Tor to Combat Malicious Node Problem

the hidden service directories they have found to be malicious could be run by researchers studying the dark web, or law enforcement or other state agencies as part of investigations.

That's it! That settled the answer of whether the government is snooping around or not.

Most of these exit nodes are found in the


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