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'Monitor children too': German minister urges lower age limit for surveillance

Dear Government,
Please perform surveillance on me 24/7/365 everywhere I go, including the toilet so I can feel more secure as long as I live in this country!

What a nut job! If you're against the government, then they will label you a terrorist or extremist. Orwellian world is here already!


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China: The real secret of Chinese internet censorship? Distraction

So, finally a western writer understand how the Chinese thinking. It's not about human rights or censorship or surveillance issue, but "distraction".

This is the reason why the Chinese propaganda works in the digital world. They do not think like their western counterpart that indoctrinate their future generations with freedom of thinking.

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Social media, surveillance replacing neighborhood watch groups

That's the main purpose of social media too. You unleash your heart into it and share it to the world. But with the addition of live video streaming, you can also communicate with your neighbor on your smartphone.

Of course this would open up another crappy issues, privacy! No one can escape surveillance as people start to know each other

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Censorship: PTA to form cyber security directorate for surveillance of blasphemous content

Blasphemy worth death penalty in Pakistan? What a nut job!

The question is what can be categorized as blasphemy? Insulting national religion which is this case is Islam or the leader of the country?

What about Trump ban on Moslem countries? Can that be consider a blasphemous act toward Moslem countries?

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Surveillance: FBI request for Twitter account data may have overstepped legal guidelines

I don't get it. Why the FBI requesting Twitter data where they can pay a third party services to obtain the data directly from them? Do they want to have everything covered by FISA order to cover their butt?

The fact that the FBI could create their own algorithm to get people data by using their own API shows that they spend more money than

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The bruising clash over a Facebook Live stream

Mr Sharpe is heard saying: "I'm not doing anything wrong, mate. What can you do to me?"

Aha ha ha! Hey, bittorrent ain't illegal, but direct streaming might be if you attach your own PPV to your social media account.

Looks like this guy will face a battle in the court for violating copyright issue. But, just take

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President Trump's @POTUS Twitter account was linked to a personal Gmail account for a week

Sometimes the educated people that sit in the high place is not the smartest people at all. They are too busy to whoop other people ass to the point that they forget to clean up their own.

I was surprised that hacker published this. They normally just snoop around and hack it to the point that they can take control the

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FBI request for Twitter account data may have overstepped legal guidelines - Business Insider

Typical FBI gag order! Twitter disclosed this information about "warrant canary" on their financial report two years ago. Only now, the FBI published the redacted version of it.

The question is who are the FBI looking for! And judging from the reinstatement of snooping charter, these practices would not stop anytime

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Russian Police Lose an Easy Way to Trap 'Internet Extremists'

This is no surprise considering the social media site runs in Russia and served Russian based community. But, if you do not set your account into private, then everyone in the world could see it according to them.

Regardless what it is, the government, intelligent agency like KGB will always able to see it. After all, this is Russia.


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Russia is spreading fake news to topple Merkel: EU

Well, after the US, the EU is next. Merkel Germany will face election in February and France will do that in April 2017.

It won't be long that the entire EU will collapse. Kremlin will win this war since Putin doesn't like the EU charter who make the decision solely on Brussels

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