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Legal: EFF Asks Appeals Court to Break Through Five-Year Logjam in Megaupload Case

That's exactly the point. When the government take over the bank due to irregular activity, it doesn't mean that the people should suffer from the mistake that the bank executives did to them. The last paragraph answer the privacy argument, that even user is deserved to get their data back although it has been locked by the

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Legal: In New Lawsuit, Tantaros Claims Fox Illegally Surveilled And Hacked Her

I hate to say this, but Tantaros is not a good journalist. She even one of the worst one in the network. But I was also hoping that she will drain the heck out of Fox money at this moment.

One interesting thing is that one of the defendant is a company called Disruptors, Inc. Which brings out another question; Does Fox hired them to spy on

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India: Fork Over Your Fingers or Cease to Exist: India's Biometric Blackmail

Heck, the 8 years plan has nailed over 90% of its population. This is the reason why Modi wants to demonetize the currency and move everyone to the traditional banking system so they all can be tracked easily.

But those who lives freely still trust the millennial old system that even the government can't take over, the Halawa system or even

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Privacy: Can your boss spy on you at work?

This is a proof that how stupid government is. If you work for a company that based in New South Wales but have an office in Queensland where you work, then the privacy law is different.

Heck, let's assume that every damn privateer and government agency is currently monitoring your activity then. Who cares about the BS law

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Intrusion: Germany bans friendly doll that is child's play for hackers

There goes my privacy. Hey, why don't they banned Google Home or Amazon Echo too?

We know that IoT devices can be hacked due to its insecurity. Even Google Home that pick the answer from the internet can be infused by something stupid like we learn from the Burger King incident this week.

Still want to buy your kids a barbie

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What Does Surveillance In The Workplace Have To Do With Human Rights?

There is a thin line between surveillance and privacy rights in you workplace especially if you work for a private company. Why? Because when you work at such company, you are required to obey the corporate law that has been set before. Hence, you become their slave and if they deem that you violate their regulations, you would be fired.


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Surveillance nation: Behind arrest of gays in Aceh

The issue is that Aceh has their own state law. The only province that adopt Sharia law in Indonesia due to its Shia Moslem majority people, the people are even watching each other behavior like spies.

But in a tight and traditional community, this type of behavior is not uncommon and even being encouraged by the

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Keven Moore: Surveillance cameras are everywhere, providing protection - but not much privacy

That's exactly the point. Now, people are so afraid that their possession would be stolen, so everyone spies on everyone and everything.

With the reason of security, people who use surveillance device must sacrifice their own freedom too. In other words, becoming more and more obsessive and compulsive in their well

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Privacy: Republicans Complaining About Surveillance Are Still Ignoring Civil Liberties Issues

Well, that's how politic works! Congress republicans doesn't like when they are being surveillance or wiretapped like Trump and his cronies during the Democrats era. But they support massive surveillance for anyone on the planet by authorizing more power to the FBI and FISA court to breach anyone privacy.

Hypocrite? Yes! But that's how

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Surveillance: Germany expands video surveillance in public areas

So, Germany would be the first country in EU that will have no surveillance hole in the public places. Welcome to the "big brother" era where every move you take will be monitored by the government.

No need privacy law in this case. They will do it anyway as a matter of public safety. Of course the court of human rights will be littered with


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