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Police warn of surveillance video being streamed online

This is not something new. The fact that you can even search on the internet about the leak IP camera that being broadcast worldwide due to the owner stupidity.

The fact that even they have CCTV, doesn't mean they know how to practice safe cyber security. Even a small thing to do like resetting password was not being done.

I think people

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Surveillance Society Reshapes U.S. Justice While Driving Profits

This is what US is all about. After all, it's boiled down to business. Manufacturer of surveillance camera sees an increase on their sales while people dying on the street being shot by law enforcement officials.

Those people does not car if there is a riot or chaos inside the community or within their own country. Money talks and that's the


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Surveillance Photos Show Man Stealing Barbeque

This dude enter your own backyard two weeks ago, stole your lawnmower and you did not report it? And now, the same dude enter your unlocked backyard and took your barebecue grill and suddenly you realize that it was the same guy? I think you need to be checked, both your cctv camera and your


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Troubled Night Club Wants Third Chance

I think if one goes to that kind of club... they should not have very high expectations about the quality of service they receive or whether the other clients will behave in a manner of high morals.

However, I don't think most will have expectations of becoming the laughing stock of the Police Department and who ever else those videos might

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When You See What This Camera Captured, You'll Realize Why the Little Girl Was Staring

When You See What This Camera Captured, You'll Realize Why the Little Girl Was


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Video: The little things can make a big difference

This video seems to show how some insignificant events can have a profound impact on your life.

A woman is walking with her baby and apparently drops something. She spends just a moment to pick it up.

At first, that would be a story unworthy of telling, and certainly not worthy of a video on YouTube. We all drop things. We are all delayed


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Builder sacked after being caught on CCTV urinating in back garden

Some people really need to remember that they are professionals and not take an opportunity like this to make wee-wee in someone's garden. How disgusting. I'm not sure what has happened to the world today and, while this is truly bad to do, it is fairly common in the construction industry. Just not sure something like this should even make the
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Video: BMW Accident video ... By Gathiya Rath CCTV ..

"cctv video"

BMW Accident video ... By Gathiya Rath CCTV


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